Broken Chain

As symbol of Gor's imprisonment, he forever wears the broken chains that were forced upon him those many years ago. An elite group of Goran warriors each with right as a high Chosen sits on a squad that bares this name. As a Chosen they have already earned fight, glory, power, and privilege. They have proven themselves the greatest in the nation and truly posses abilities above all others. When a Chosen is given opportunity to join the Broken Chain they are given privilege to be directly under the Fire God. The Broken Chain is given unlimited resources of training and supply the only limit is that only Broken Chain members and Immortals may go on any missions. There is no physical limit to where the Broken Chain may operate nor requirement nor limitations. Gor has given the Broken Chain unlimited means as long as they are actively pursuing the freedom of an Immortal. Therefore, the Broken Chain acts outside all law, nations, organizations, treaties, and pacts. They serve under Gor alone and they are sworn to obey no order to stop them from freeing any Immortal.

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