"It's our home, the only one we have. Everything, the history of our species and people all happen on this one world. It is everything, and nothing." -Anonymous cartographer

Primus is the planet on which the Immortals setting takes place. It is in a stable orbit around its central star and has one moon.




Eastern Block

Southern tundra

World Ocean


It is a habitable planet with most of its landmass concentrated in its southern hemisphere

Notable biomes

  • Golden Jungle (Goran-made jungle with fruit trees, beehives, etc.)
  • Sawgrass Tundra
  • Frost Swamps
  • Cliffside Forests
  • Great Desert
  • Glacial floes (Woag waters)
  • Cattailian Desert
  • Badlands
  • Shining Plains
  • Everfree Foothills
  • Kushani Mountains
  • Haunted Forest


  • Soi natural

    Oceanic currents of Primus

    Soi Key
    Primus is a mildly cold world with temperatures rarely reaching over 100 F or 36 C except for volcanic regions near Goran lands or Sumera.
  • The equator is home to a narrow region of near-constant comfortable warmth.



Map of the great nations

Meta-chart (1)

Population by allegiance to great nations

The estimated population of Primus is somewhere around 200 million human beings in total across the surface of the world.

Immortal Nations

Mortal Nations

The nations of Primus without Immortal leadership

Major Points of Interest