The Oath of Stone

The Oath of Stone is the vow sworn by every subject of the Broken Kingdoms. These vows are sworn to Truest King and witnessed by the Magistrates from the Order of Truths. These Oath is sworn by man and woman at the end of their fifth year of military training at the age of seventeen. Those who refuse to swear the vow are given twelve days to reconsider their decision or gather their possessions and prepare to leave the Kingdoms. The UnOathed there-after enter voluntary exile, welcome to return on condition that they swear their Oath of Stone on re-entry.

"I swear before the gaze of the Truest King to serve as subject of the Stone Kingdom. I shall pursue excellence in my life, valor in my battles, I shall train my body to be a weapon of the Kingdom, I shall lay down my life before I see the Kingdom fall."

The Oath of Iron

The code of conduct followed by the Armored riders of the Broken Kingdom, written by the Truest King in the first age. The language of the is flowery, but by the time it is sworn every Rider knows its meaning. They've sworn to be the first to die of any hardship in the kingdom, they've sworn to serve the will of the Royal they were born under, they've sworn to protect at all costs the people of the Broken Kingdom, and ultimately overriding all other loyalties they've sworn to the Truest King. While it is rare for any save the first and second oaths to be put to the test, the final oath is recognized when the Order of Truths comes to recruit a Knight. More than one ambitious man has had to abandon his political goals to enter the priesthood at the Cathedral. This sparks some speculation that the Truest King uses this recruitment to prevent unrest from fermenting.

"I swear my life to the Blood of my veins; never shall I keep a full belly while my kin hunger. I swear my life to the Crown; never shall my courage falter. I swear my life to the Kingdom; never shall my sword waiver. I swear my life and the eternity of my name to the Truest King; All that I am is to honor him, all that I will be shall be his to command."

Code of Knighthood

The Code of Knighthood is expected to be pursued by those who wish to be knighted and are knighted. While not something expected for the average subject of the kingdom, or even the average Armored Rider, those who follow the code to some extent enjoy a higher level of respect and reputation in the Broken Kingdom.

Followers of the Code are expected to be honest, forthright, valorous, generous, devout, loyal, and industrious (by the Kingdom's standards).