The unclaimed, or mortal civilizations are the independent peoples of Soi that developed without immortal leaders guiding their development or culture.

The unclaimed make up over half of the planet's population.

The unclaimed often times have much less technological progress or power compared to the great Immortal civilizations, however, retain their own cultural autonomy.

It is rare but not unheard of for ab humans to exist in their own unclaimed civilizations. Most unclaimed are unmodified strains of human due to their lack of interaction with the Immortals.

Most unclaimed speak the common tongue.

Pre and post-war mortal nations


During the Dawn era, the mortal nation so of Soi

Known List of Unclaimed Nations

Inisfall Confederacy

The Inisfall are a loose confederacy of like-minded independent states that share values of human life and the meaning of freedom. Despite initial contact by the Immortal [The Bard], all states in the union remain free of Immortal leadership.

Sumeran Tribes

The population living within the midlands of Soi

Pillars of Ebony

Rakkaan Tribes

Pomterre Kingdom

Capraic Tribes

The Crowned Republic of Amazeia



A small highly militaristic nation in a constant state of war with the Goran nation. They have a trade with independent forces within the Encircled territories in which they receive advanced weaponry for refined combat drugs to be used for recreational purposes within the circle.