MilCard is a military themed trading card game first produced in the Encircled territory. The game works by playing cards with set values against each other to destroy or otherwise defeat the opposing deck of cards. While there are innumerable strategies and sets of rules, there are typically set amounts of cards allowed to be used by both players and only cards created by Milcard Co. in Circle territory are typically allowed.

Card creation Edit

Cards are most often based off of soldiers, formations, animals or war engines of the various nations or things found around Soi.

The cards are approved and printed in their base operation of Milcard Co. and are usually made with the approval of a panel of military advisors from all around the world in order to make the gameplay as accurate as possible.

  • Certain cards have been banned by the Technocracy as they refer to secret weapons projects they wish to keep mostly a secret from the rest of the world.

Tournaments and economy Edit

Annual tournaments are held at Stoneport where Milcard Co. is based, the winner gains a cash prize gathered by the entry fees of participants. Smaller unofficial tournaments are held all over Soi.

The cards themselves are printed at MilCard Co and a few other licences printing presses, cards can only be approved by the panel of Milcard Co.