"First came the thunder, then came the roars, then came the marauders. Their armored war beasts crushed through our homes like a boot through dry kindling, their riders were no more civilized. They dismounted, carried everything they could away with savage glee. Quick as they arrived they were gone, leaving nothing but destruction in their wake" (Kushan southern border town report)


The Marauder banner, often made of mammoth skin painting with white pigment ground from bone.

Mamotauk Marauders, or Mad mammoth tribes are a rogue faction of the otherwise peaceful Mamutok

tribes. Where the mammoth tribes of the Stargazer plateau keep to themselves, peacefully living their lives, learning, trading and living in serenity, these tribes take to raiding along the southern border, only disappear into the southern pole of Soi.

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"Their attacks are unpredictable, as they tend to roam far and wide as far north as the Midlands, yet too infrequent to take any serious measures against. The only thing we can do is remain vigilant." (Family Hearth merchant caravan)

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"I leave you alive to tell the tale. Look at the destruction around you and know we can perform it at a whim. I am Maximus of the Mamutok, and whenever I please I will reduce your world to madness."
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Woag incident Edit

Due to the sheer geographic isolation from each other, the Woag and Mamutok peoples almost never interact. During the Woag incident a Woag raiding party mistook a marauder tribe for a traditional Mamutok and attempted to take a mammoth as a prize and meal. The resulting battle drew the attention of several nearby travelers who reported the event to a nearby garrison. The battle cleared a small area of forest and left broken bloody bodies of mammoths, direwolves, woag and marauders strewn across a bloody clearing of splintered trees, weapons and carnage.