The First Goran War was a First Contact War between the nations which would eventually become the Circle and the Goran during the late Classical Era.

Sequence of Events Edit

Initial Contact Edit

  • The Goran, Whitewood Republic, and the Shining Kingdom all sent missionaries ahead of their expansion.
  • Expeditions began to run into the same cities.
  • The Goran expansion armies were encroaching while waiting on other nations' reply.
  • The Encircled mistakenly believed the Goran to be a tyrant micronation. This misconception became apparent when the full Goran army arrived.

Initial Conflict Edit

  • The Shining Kingdom pushes the Goran back, while the Whitewood Republic prevents them from taking new villages.
  • The Goran treat them as a normal enemy.
  • The Goran begin crossing the Edge of the World.
  • Other nations, like the Largest Tribe, were quickly drawn into the conflict.

Full Scale War Edit

The Gulf Coalition Edit

As the militaristic Goran began to overrun the Circle nations, they had to band together. The Inner Circle becomes concretely established as a united nation of the former coalition states. micro-nations in what would become known as the Outer Circle reinforce the growing power to their north against the Goran as it seems victory may become possible.

The Circle vs The Goran Edit

Coordinated under one banner, and reinforced from behind, the combined armies of the nations drove the Goran back over the mountains, pushing them back through the passes and holding their advance there. The fighting is brutal and requires heavy use of mercenary armies from the surrounding areas.

The Circle-Goran Unification Edit

  • The leadership of the Encircled and Goran finally met and explained themselves.
  • Respect was demonstrated by the offer and acceptance of vassal status.
  • War was redirected to new heretics.

Aftermath and Legacy Edit

The Goran nation ceased to expand west past the mountains between the two areas, considering the vassal lands to already be conquered wile the lowlands to the east were fully settled and converted. The Circle took advantage of the end of hostilities with the only local threat to focus on their own development and slow expansion. The Technocracy however took the lessons of the war and cultivated their new war machines, tools, and combat philosophies to deal with what they expected would be the most prevalent threat the Circle would face in the future. This new philosophy on combat can be summed up as "projectiles fill the air".