The First age of expansion or simply First Age was the time period of rapid expansion by the Immortal nations after the warlike troubles of the Dawn era. The First Age is remembered as a time of peace, prosperity and rapid advancement and development of scientific knowledge in all fields. Some of this advancement was lost in the Great War and dark centuries that followed, but still preserved on data tablets in unexplored ruins.

Historic events Edit

Raising of the bio-temples Edit

During the first age, a great emphasis was put on the acquiring of Biomantic knowledge. As all living creatures were subject to laws of biomancy, a drive to understand these laws and manipulate life itself was put in very high regard. Using the resources of several of the great nations, a network of Bio temples and their surrounding sanctuaries to house the created life was made.

With these structures created, the amount of biomorphs in the world surged upward, from cash crops, medicinal plants, beasts of burdens, even the creation and alteration of ab-human strains. The nation of Kushan in particular took great interest in creating various terrifying creatures to fill the menagerie of their immortal ruler.

Taming of the great forests Edit

Tallet Hearth road expansion Edit

Raising of Ironspire Edit