The Eastern Block is an area of Soi, on the eastern edge of most maps, which runs from The Broken Kingdom to Kushan, and is known as one of the most peaceful and prosperous areas of the world. Due to intervention by the Technocracy, the presence of Armored Riders from the Broken Kingdoms, Kushani medical aid, and the solid barriers of The Wall, The Badlands, and the Cattailian Desert, the people of this area are generally considered to be the most well off on the planet.

Despite the general prosperity of the area, not all is ideal. There is a general tension between the Broken Kingdom, the Circle, and Kushan due to philosophical disagreements between the Truest King and the two peoples. In addition the many southern independent kingdoms seldom see fully eye to eye and skirmishes routinely break out between leaders who each think their land deserves to expand and join the great nations. Goran incursions do at times circumvent or get past the Wall to the east, and no lands are immune to the gaze of the Tallet's Faceless Emperor.

The Eastern Block is denoted mainly by a steady supply of food, a reasonable availability of medical care, and a lack of major army movements.


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