"If an Ashed says more than three words to you, they aren't busy." -Trader


The Ashed language is a variation of the old tongue and is broken up into three dialect categories.

Situational Dialects

Work Dialect

The Ashed work dialect is a cut-down version of the language, built for speed and efficiency. This speech is used during working hours.

Social dialect

The social dialect is the normal speech of the Ashed. This dialogue is relaxed and far more verbose than their work dialogue. It is the speech used in everyday interaction or when off work.

Political dialect

The political dialect is a social dialect used during working hours. It is commonly called the brothel or politician's speech, as it is social speech but used for work.

It is assumed that if you are speaking socially while working, you are attempting to sway someone's opinion or attempting to coerce them.

Idioms and phrases

Common Idioms and Phrases

  • Tool- Someone who is useful
  • Colossal tool- Someone who is useful and efficient
  • Two faced- One that works so hard their face has become two toned from wearing their work mask
  • Frictive- Doesn't know their place in the world
  • Grinding their gears- Struggling with something personal
  • Grinding others' gears- Meddling in others' affairs
  • In the wall- Passed on, deceased
  • Unpolished/raw- Skilled but needing practice
  • Bricker- One that has killed before
  • Carver meat- Great insult, meaning one is only as good as their bodily components
  • Under the hammer- Receiving training
  • Reforged- Recovering or getting back in shape
  • Rotted- Often referring to one with a substance abuse problem

Common labels given to others by Ashed

  • Iron- Common, useful, unremarkable
  • Silver- Delicate, rare but surprisingly useful
  • Gold- Pretty but useless and a burden
  • Lead- Stupid and ugly
  • Rusted- One that let themselves go