"It is impossible to know the quality of iron by looking at it; until it is tested one cannot know its true properties. However as certain metals will behave differently, as will corresponding qualities of spirit." Heart of Steel- the different temperaments
The philosophical minds of Soi have for many centuries attempted to grapple with the concepts of good, evil, order, chaos, cruelty, kindness, creativity, control, and all the innumerable measures of what makes the character of an individual what it is. These varied theories have often coalesced into what are referred to as "alignments".

These alignments oftentimes simplify the character of an individual, organization, or nation and attempt to be used as a shorthand for what to expect when encountering a certain person or group. While not always applicable as there are always deviations, alignment charts can be of great use as a generalization for what to reasonably expect.

  • Aligment charts, while popular among the denizens of Soi, hold no bearing over legal matters except in the case of certain theocratic societies.

Heart of Steel alignment chart Edit

"Good and evil are relative concepts, for what is good for one is evil to another. We can only observe how ourselves and others interact with the world around them and mark them accordingly." -Heart of Steel, alignments










Goranism alignment chart Edit

Technocracy alignment chart Edit

The Immortals Department of the College of Occult Studies at Kallipolis University has classified the general behavior alignment chart.

Order Order
Harmony Harmony
Chaos Chaos
Domination Domination
Neutral Neutral

Harmony Edit

Harmony alignment seeks to spread their influence in the goals of creating safe and beneficial space throughout their spheres of influence. Those of the harmony alignment often work actively or passively to create friendships, and cooperation between others in order to maintain happiness in life.

Domination Edit

Domination aligned seek to control for the sake of their own power and influence. The end goal of Domination seems to be the lack of serious opposition to their own will, often with other goals being secondary to this. This alignment will often use any means to achieve and keep this power, but will have little interest in their gains after collecting them.

Chaos Edit

Chaos alignment seeks motion and events in the world for its own entertainment. The consequences of action are irrelevant to simply seeing events occur in the world regardless of what they are. Those of chaos alignment often start conflict or conspiracy out of amusement rather than any long term goal.

Order Edit

Order alignment seeks peace and external rule of law. The internal self control of others is inadequate to those of this alignment and they seek to maintain or build an external structure to guide, control, or shelter others and themselves.

Neutral Edit

The neutral alignment seeks to live their own lives completely uncaring of the outside world so long as it does not interfere with its affairs. They are observers.